With years of experience, Chilli is dedicated to provide clients with a wide array of services.

Here below are the major categories of marketing services we are providing. However, our passion and capability never stop here.

Please feel free to drop us a line and we will send you a comprehensive portfolio of our recent works.

You will be impressed.

PR Event Management


From semi-casual networking gatherings to formal business conferences, we know every detail to be prepared in order to make every event a presentable and professional one. Our media and showbiz networks will certainly be of great interest to you too if you plan to have media coverage of your event.

In-store Promotions


We are one of the few marketing agencies that have ongoing and regular promotions in chain supermarkets and Japanese department stores. It means we have excellent know-how and backend supports to maximize the effectiveness of your promotions. Besides supermarkets and department stores, we also conduct retail promotions in general trade such as grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores and sales fairs. Please click here for some of our reference.

Guerrilla Marketing


Creative and strategic focused marketing gimmicks are of great values nowadays. Guerilla promotion campaign is one of the best means to create real life brand experience. Be it a sampling campaign, a branded parade to draw photo opportunities, a prelude or round up of a mass market promotions, the possibilities are simply endless. Please click here to check out some of our previous campaigns.

Creative and Design


We have neither world-class conceptualization methodologies nor award-winning creative directors. Instead, we have a small team of creative and design professionals who understand your requirements well. Our copywriter knows how to write press release to grab attentions of particular types of editors. Our designers know how to design innovative POSM to catch eyeballs yet fit well into the retail environments. Please click here for our creative portfolio.

Online Marketing


While social media becomes a major part of lifestyle and more than 80% of people are spending at least 2 hours on mobile phone every day, online marketing simply can’t be ignored. We provide data and creative driven social media and online promotion services: Online advertising, social media marketing, custom-made online viral campaign to short video marketing, to name a few.

Audio Visual Production


A picture paints a thousand words, a good video paints even more. Short video is an invaluable marketing tool nowadays. Be it a teaser for a new product, a viral story to induce social engagement or a short documentary about your products, services or corporation – we will make it a precise, content-rich and attractive one.