Chilli Marketing

The Activation Company

Established in 2003, Chilli Marketing provides professional promotion and PR event management services. They include in-store promotion, public event, seminar and exhibition, business gathering, press conference, news release and online marketing.

We are not an advertising agency. We supply neither award-winning creative concepts nor earth-shaking gimmicks. On the other hand, we are well recognized by our clients for our creativity and bright ideas within our service domains as well as our strong planning and execution powers.

We have our in-house design team and audio-visual studio – all work seamlessly under one roof to give you the best of our integrated marketing services.

Chilli Marketing 成立於2003年,專門為客戶提供一站式的專業推廣及公關活動服務,如店內推廣、商場或室外公關活動、會議或研討會、商務宴會、新聞發佈會及網上推廣等。



Working with brands from around the world

for more than a decade.

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