Hong Kong Government’s “D-Biz” Funding – What It Means To You?

五月 24, 2020
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Who would benefit most from taking advantage of this opportunity?

Literally any businesses who are facing the challenge from the current public health issue. Yet the program will benefit most to those with a determination in digital transforming – be it remote workplace, remote team collaboration, e-Commerce among others.

[Updates 28-May-2020 : Chilli Marketing is now an authorized IT services provider (#SP207-184)of the D-Biz program]

[Updates 15-Jun-2020: You can find from this article from HKET on the latest news from the program]

If you identify yourself as such a company, below are our top recommendations on how to make best use of the D-Biz support.

Chilli Marketing has over ten years of experiences in digital marketing. We have been servicing brands, big and small, from around the world. Here we have identified two key areas  in which you should prioritize on you digital transformation strategy under the support D-Biz provides.

1. Upgrade the tech stack to optimize your eCommerce operations

In many ways, approaching an eCommerce business is similar to any brick-and-mortar business in which companies need to have a vision of where they want to be. More importantly, it needs the resources to achieve that goal.

These resources span far beyond just setting up a social media page, because virtually any individual has the ability to do that and sell to anyone in the world – hence neither providing any differentiation nor enhancing the business’ competitiveness in itself. The content would be the key differentiator, but, of course, there are way more than that.

Choosing and integrating the right combination is indeed critical. While considering your D-biz partner in this domain, you need to choose one with strengths in technical know how,  effective content creation, data analytics and more importantly, making all brick-and-mortar work together to achieve your business goal.

2. Implement SEO, analytics, tech-assisted online-opinion-leader marketing and messaging-based marketing

Marketing as a business function has come a long way. Just ten years ago, marketing was about unilaterally defining your target audience, developing a strategy, identifying promotional and distribution channels, and then actively “pushing” and selling your products to those customers.

This “push” approach is a thing of the past and “pull” matters. This“pull”approach requires marketers to create a lot of authentic content that either entertain or educate (the best ones do both); and in addition, make use of technologies that help distribute this content to their audience and subsequently monitor and optimize the performance. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analytics and tech-assisted online-opinion-leader marketing come in. Using the right tools is a critical factor for staying ahead of the curve.