A Win-Win Social Media Promotion

八月 6, 2013

Romano is a personal care brand for men. It’s strong in Asia Pacific, it’s strong in China but it’s relatively new to Hong Kong.

Sportsoho is a sport lovers’ magazine and online community. It has many fans, it has many sport brand partners and it is trying to tap into mass consumer market.

By leveraging on their respective strengths and needs, Chilli successfully lined up a cross-over marketing campaign between these two brands. Via a facebook join promotion, Romano successfully built its on-target facebook fan base in a relatively short period of time and Sportsoho successfully started to penetrate into the domain of fast moving consumer goods.

It’s also remarkable that the beautifully crafted messaging of this campaign created great sympathy amongst audiences of both brands and thus made the promotion highly viral-driven. This impressive campaign was carried out with literally no third-party media expenditure at all.